Выберите комплексное решение для работы со штрих-кодами

Больше никаких дорогих и сложных устройств!

В отличие от других программ, ваша команда может работать с товаром используя только смартфоны и сканеры, которые соответствуют вашему бюджету.

Вы сможете использовать множество различных способов комплектации заказа. Легко настройте любую конфигурацию подбора, которая лучше всего подходит для вашего бизнеса. Интуитивно понятный и простой в использовании интерфейс позволит вашим сотрудникам сосредоточиться на своей работе, не думая и не принимая решений.

Picking by order

Pick products from the warehouse for a single order at a time. Orderadmin will direct your picker with the most efficient route in the warehouse. The picker doesn’t waste time to calculate, think or make a decision which way to go in the warehouse, which product and how many to pick.

Wave picking

If you ship a large number of orders daily, it’s might be better to pick up products for multiple orders, then do the orders sorting with simple barcode scanning as well. Orderadmin has a system for the Wave picking and Zone picking. Group orders based on any parameters, for instance shipping date, carrier service, etc.

Batch picking

Orderadmin directs pickers around the storage facility in the most efficient route and complete multiple orders simultaneously. Increase productivity and help staff focus on the bigger picture.

No picking

Orderadmin allows to save time and do packing skipping the picking queues. Just do shipping label printing for any order without using WMS features. With Orderadmin you will be able to handle shipping labels in a way that works best for your business.

Take full control of orders fulfillment!

Manage your picking from one place. Create the picking queues, assign pickers to any queue or to a single order. Set your picking rules and change them on fly.

The importance of Digital Pick&Pack lies in optimizing your order fulfillment processes. From a comprehensive Barcode Solution perspective, Orderadmin helps you to gain a competitive advantage, that it’s crucial to deliver on customer expectations for quick delivery and prompt return services. Arrange your warehouse with barcodes. Assign barcodes to bins on a shelf. Easily receive new inventory in the warehouse by scanning barcode or assigning a new barcode. By scanning each product, you’ll know instantly if something is going wrong.

Get more benefits from the Orderadmin Digital Pick&Pack solution

Reduce the rate of returns. Increase shipping speed. Make your customers happy!
  • Shortest warehouse route.
  • Visual check with product image.
  • No cross orders for picking.
  • Stock transfer.
  • Updates with real-time data about goods location and goods availability.
  • No more wrong color, wrong size, wrong quantity, wrong goods.
  • Reduces picking errors.
  • Eliminate  spreadsheet. Go paperless.
  • Count your stock fast and accurate.
  • No need to train staff.